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Coding Week

Coding Week at Newtown Primary School


To celebrate Coding Week, we took part in different activities that introduced us to code. Using code means giving the computer or device instructions to complete a particular task.


In Early Years and Year 1, the children used simple code to make the beebots move.


“The beebots move if you give them instructions.”-Perran, Reception.

“I like the beebots. The buttons make it move…clear first, forward, then go! “– Paighton, Reception.



In Years 2 to 6, the children were challenged to use code to make the Minecraft characters Alex and Steve move and complete other tasks such as collect materials and build houses.


I loved putting the blocks of code together!” –Jacob, Year 2

“I thought coding day was awesome! We made lines of code using minecraft. I did pretty well.”-Maddison, Year 3

“I really enjoyed coding. I completed the levels. I know that coding is all about giving instructions to the computer.” -Rudraksh, Year 3


I played minecraft coding. I enjoyed creating the code to build the house and making the characters move. I went home to see how much further I could get. It was fun!”- Zach, Year 4


“For Coding Week, we learned how to stay safe online and discussed what we should do if we feel uncomfortable . We loved going into the Pod and coding on Minecraft. We were disappointed when the lesson was over. Some of us loved it so much we’ve been playing it at home and during wet lunch. A few of us have even started designing our own games on Scratch.”-Year 6.

Why not challenge yourself to complete as many levels on each game as you can? Use the link below to access the Minecraft coding resources:

We’re looking forward to developing our coding knowledge and skills.

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