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Healthy Eating Week

Healthy Eating Week

Healthy Eating Week at Newtown Primary

The 28th September 4th October 2020 was the British Nutrition Foundation's Healthy Eating at home week.  In addition to activities provided in school, Newtown Primary encouraged families to eat healthy and become active together at home.  The aim of the week was to encourage people of all ages to take part in a range of key health challenges at home.  The 7 main health challenges were:

Monday 28th: Eat more wholegrains

Tuesday 29th: Vary your veg

Wednesday 30th: Drink plenty

Thursday 1st Oct: Move more

Friday 2nd Oct: Be mind kind

Saturday 3rd Oct: Get active together

Sunday 4th Oct: Eat together as a family

Thank you to those families who sent in evidence of their children eating healthily and becoming active.  Please continue to send in your photos or videos to:


On Thursday 1st October we held a skipping event where “John” from Skip2bFit came into school and taught the children how to skip and encouraged them to become more active.  This supported the children in becoming resilient individuals as they all competed to improve their scores in the two minute skipping challenge.  Even the staff were extremely competitive!  Each child will now have their own skipping rope to keep in school.  Every two weeks scores will be totalled up and winners for each class will be announced through the “Classroom Challenge.” 


Winners of the classroom challenge will be announced on the school website and Twitter.


This week's award winners


Nursey: Bronsen


Reception: Yasmin

Year 1: Summer

Year 2: Suvam

Year 3: Madi O

Year 4: Logan

Year 5: Navpreet

Year 6: Leah

(Most improved: Hope Y5)

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