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Pre Lockdown Learning

Home Learning at Newtown

These home learning tasks and challenges have been created so that your child can continue to benefit from opportunities to learn while the school is closed to stop the spread of the COVID – 19 Virus.

There are a mixture of activities for your child to complete. Most of the tasks can be done independently, however some you might want to do as a whole family.


For the school to be able to create home learning tasks and challenges in a period of illness across the country, and taking into account that our own staff, at Newtown, may be affected, we have decided that the home learning tasks would be aimed at wider age groups. We are doing this to make sure that we produce continued opportunities for all children.

The Home Learning Tasks have been split into different phases (EYFS, Yr1/2, Yr 3/4, Yr 5/6)
As many of the home learning tasks will have an element of computing, it is important that all children stay safe online. Please click the link below for some extra information.





Home Learning Projects

Fancy something a little different?

Maybe something more creative?

Need an extra challenge?

Home learning projects have been set up to go alongside the work that your teachers have set you.  These projects offer ideas which are fun, give you something structured to do and through which you will learn. These projects are for everyone so get your family members involved. It would be fantastic to see and hear what you have been up to. Follow the links below to find a project suited to you! Enjoy.



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