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New Intake - September 2020


Dear Parent/Carer

We are delighted that you have been offered a place at Newtown Primary School and we look forward to welcoming you and your child into our school community. Starting school is an important event for your child, so at Newtown we aim to ensure that this is as smooth and happy as possible. This transition for your child will unfortunately be different to our usual induction due to the current unprecedented situation we are in. However, we will endeavour to keep you informed as best as we can through the school’s website. The website is updated regularly so please keep a close eye for further information.

Please follow this link for information

Below we have outlined some of the transition opportunities we have and how we hope to still do many of these.

Transfer discussions with staff in all of our local pre-schools

These discussions inform staff about the progress individual children have made during the initial part of the Early Years Foundation Stage which continues into Reception and Nursery. This helps facilitate continuity and progression. Usually these would happen face to face but these will now take place over the phone.

Visits to our school by your child prior to starting

This gives your child the opportunity to become familiar with the school, the classroom and their class teachers. It also offers them the chance to experience some of the activities that they will enjoy when they come to school and it will help them build their confidence.  You and your child are invited to a Teddy Bears Picnic in September. We will write to you with dates and times closer to the end of the Summer term.

During the Picnic, you will get the chance to meet the Teachers, familiarise yourself with the setting and to get to know some of their new friends. The Teachers will also be available to answer any questions you may have.


Home Visits

We are unable to visit you and your child at home this year due to the present situation. We are hand delivering your Early Years Packs.

Starting School

If your child is coming into Nursery, they will have a Play and Stay session first, followed by a gradual induction into setting. If your child is coming into Reception, they will have a gradual induction into the setting over a few days. These dates will be confirmed for you as soon as possible.


Please follow the links below for more information.


Yours Sincerely,


Early Years’ Team


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