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Old Messages - Miss Johal

Hello everyone! 


It was so lovely being able to speak with some of you this week, I will try to contact those of you who I didn't manage to speak to again and hopefully we can have a catch up! We're planning on creating some YouTube videos which I'm sure you'll enjoy watching! 


I spoke to some of you and it was fantastic to hear all of the new dishes you've been cooking, I've been trying out some new recipes too - homemade vegetarian burgers and pies have been on this weeks menu. I've also been going out for daily walks to keep active and get some fresh air, make sure you do too or have a run around the garden 🙂


Make sure you keep healthy and safe, speak to you soon. 

Take care - Miss Johal 

WB 4th May

Hi everyone!

I miss you all dearly, I hope you're all keeping well and safe. Try to complete the learning packs and think about what else you can do at home to keep yourself busy. How about you write about your day, go outside and read a book. You could even test your siblings or adults on their spellings and times tables or even interview family members and ask them how they're dealing with the current pandemic. There's lots of things you could write about now, spend time as a family playing different games, you could even hold a quiz night and try to cook some new dishes! 

I know it's so weird right now, not being at school and seeing your friends, but we want you all to be happy and healthy. I am looking forward to when we can see each other again - there will be plenty to catch up on!


Miss Johal 

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