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Old Messages - Mrs Drew

WB - 4th May

Hello everyone, I am missing you all so much and I can't wait to give you all a big hug. I hope you are being helpful to your family and learning something new each day. I have been busy gardening and baking some yummy cakes for my family. I've also enjoyed reading lots of great books. I hope you are enjoying reading lots of good stories too!


I can't wait to see you all soon.

Stay safe, wash your hands and be kind 😊

Mrs Drew

Hello Nursery!


It was great to speak to you and your parents this week. I was so impressed by all the lovely things you have been doing. It looks like you've all been having lots of fun!

I had a surprise this week when Mr Drew and I went for a walk in the fields next to our house.....we saw 2 young deer!! They were very happy eating the grass and didn't seem to mind us watching them. We tried to keep very quiet but they heard the farmer's tractor coming towards them and they ran away, even jumping over the fences! I thought you would like to see the photos Mr Drew took.


Mrs Corfield is looking after some new friends at her house.....yes tadpoles! You can see the photos here on our website. Keep watching each week to see them grow. What will they turn into?


Take care everyone and I hope to see you all soon

Mrs Drew x

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