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Intent for Computing

At Newtown, our intent is to provide a comprehensive and engaging computing curriculum based on the Purple Mash scheme of work.  Our curriculum aims to equip our students with essential skills and knowledge across four key areas: computer science, information technology, digital literacy, and online safety.

Computer Science: Our curriculum focusses on fostering computational thinking and problem-solving skills.  Students will learn the fundamental principles of programming through hands-on activities, enabling them to design, write, and debug simple programs.  They will explore concepts such as algorithms, sequences, loops, and logical reasoning, empowering them to create digital solutions independently.

Information Technology: We aim to develop students' understanding of how digital systems work.  Through engaging lessons, students will explore hardware and software components, gaining practical experience in using various applications and tools.  They will learn about data representation, file management, and the functionalities of different devices, enabling them to become confident and responsible users of technology.

Digital Literacy: Our curriculum emphasises the importance of digital literacy in the modern world.  Students will learn how to effectively navigate the digital landscape, critically evaluate online information, and communicate ideas using digital tools.  They will develop skills in multimedia creation, including coding, graphic design, and multimedia presentations, fostering their creativity and communication abilities.

Online Safety: Ensuring the safety and well-being of our students in the digital realm is paramount.  We will provide comprehensive education on online safety, teaching students about potential risks, responsible online behaviour, and strategies to stay safe while using the internet.  Through interactive sessions, discussions, and age-appropriate resources, students will develop the knowledge and skills to make informed and safe choices online.

Our intent is to inspire a lifelong interest and confidence in using technology responsibly.  By embedding these key areas into our computing curriculum, we aim to prepare our students to thrive in an ever-evolving digital world, fostering skills that are essential for their future success.