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Intent for History

Resilient Individuals

Our curriculum provides our children with knowledge that nourish both them and the society of which they are members.  It is structured to have vertical, horizontal and diagonal links in a deliberate, planned way so that the curriculum is memorable.  This enables our children to build up cumulative knowledge over time and empowers them with the means to interrogate and apply knowledge and skills to new and novel contexts.

Successful Learners

Our curriculum is specifically relevant to the children of Newtown.  We have chosen people, places and problems that reflect and meet the needs of our location, our community, our collective history and our potential for the future.  Our teachers create learning opportunities so that our children experience and reach into the awe and wonder contained within our curriculum.

Responsible Citizens

Our curriculum has been designed to enable our children to understand important things about the world and themselves.  It champions and enables equality, diversity and inclusion and provides our children with the intellectual, artistic and physical opportunities that they are entitled to.

Chronology is taught discretely and each class has a class timeline to understand single events, periods of time, compare duration, order events/periods and understand concurrence.  

Our curriculum links local history with the rest of the world.  For example, the local iron-founder John Izon and the worldwide industrial revolution.  

Children also get to go on trips and meet visitors to broaden their experiences and deepen their understanding of the curriculum, e.g. visiting The Black Country Museum and meeting Dave Woodall, an ex-pupil of Greets Green and Newtown Primary.