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Online Safety

What is E-Safety

E-Safety highlights the importance of educating our children about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using a wide range of technology both in and out of school.

E-Safety is about safeguarding children and young people in the digital world.  It is making sure that children know how to use the exciting new technology positively.

Protection at School

At school your child is protected in many ways:

  • Children are taught about appropriate content during ICT lessons
  • Internet filtering and monitoring through RM Education
  • Smoothwall Monitor - software on our school network that captures inappropriate use
  • Virus Protection

Each child will bring home a School Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which is  talked about in school and should be discussed at home as well.  Parents and children then sign the agreement to say that they agree to use the Internet safely and appropriately in school. 

Social Media and Communication Devices

Our school is committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of the Internet and as such we feel it is our responsibility to raise this particular issue as a concern.

Websites such as Facebook offer amazing communications and social connections, however, they are created with their audience in mind and in this case, it is for teenagers and adults.

Facebook and other social media applications and communication devices, e.g. X-Box Live, DS, Instagram and iMessage are not allowed in school, and our Internet access is filtered to ensure that such sites are blocked.  However, we are of course unable to police what children post or view outside of school hours.  Parents/Carers are responsible for ensuring their children use these applications and sites safely and responsibly out of school, and for dealing with any issues or consequences that occur.

We strongly advise that you supervise your child when using such media to ensure their safety and well-being and also that of others.

As part of our curriculum we do cover Internet Safety and children have been informed, both in lesson and assemblies, of the dangers of using social media.

Please see the image below, which shows various apps and their appropriate age ratings.

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