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School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Along with Our Equality Objectives described in our policy we continue:

  • To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through direct teaching across the curriculum.
  • To model teaching and learning behaviours that avoid labelling.
  • To narrow the gap between boys’ and girls’ attainment in writing.
  • To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experience, both in and beyond the school.
  • To eradicate prejudice related bullying in relation to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.
  • To tackle prejudice and promote understanding in relation to people with disabilities.
  • To allow equal access to information for all parents.
  • Narrowing gaps in attainment between girls and boys, particularly in writing.
  • Ensure effective use of Pupil Premium, closely monitoring its impact on disadvantaged pupils.
  • Improve knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable pupils to appreciate and value difference and diversity, for example increasing understanding between pupils from different faith communities.


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