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A message from your teachers...

Hi everyone! 


It was absolutely lovely speaking with some of you. Those of you who were unsure of what you've been doing during lock down and answering "I don't know" well I hope the next home learning project helps you remember 🙂

Use this time to learn something new (a language online), try different things (cooking), develop life skills, delve into your creative skills - paint, sing, dance and write. 

I'm missing you all dearly! I hope to see you all soon and catch up with all of you! Make sure you keep happy, healthy and safe during lock down. Enjoy the time with family and being out in nature 🙂


Take care

Miss Johal 

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well. It was lovely to speak to some of you last week.

This week I recorded a story which has now been uploaded to you tube. Do have a look.

I have also been talking to your secondary schools to make sure they know everything about you for your arrival in September.  The secondary school staff are lovely and are looking forward to meeting you!

Do have a look on the school website - there is the latest home learning pack and there are a number of different challenges.

Stay safe. I will write again next week.

Mr Smythe


Hi everyone,

I feel as though it’s been such a long time since I saw you all and I’m missing you all so much. I hope that you’re enjoying your time with your families and, not only completing your home learning, but also having fun. Hopefully, we’ll be back to school very soon and can continue our learning with all of our friends and teachers.

Miss you lots and stay safe,

Mrs Watkins

Hi to all our children, parents and carers.

I hope you are all staying safe and making the the most of the time spent with your families. I look forward to seeing you all again and finding out what you've all been up to. Take care of each other. Have fun with the home learning and any other activities you can get involved in.

Hope to see you soon. 

Love Mrs Cutler xx

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