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English (Writing)

Intent for English (Writing)

It is essential that children have opportunities to speak, listen, read and write across a broad diet of genres, audiences, purposes and formats.  Our English Outcomes combined with our Reading Curriculum, ensures that children develop British Values and SMSC development with a balanced content of protected characteristics.  The 6Rs approach ensures that children have the knowledge and skills to be able to produce these outcomes.

Intent for English Planning the 6Rs

The way English is taught is based on a range of models (e.g., acquisition of language/gradual release of responsibility) and research (e.g., Debra Myhill).  The children make links to what they have previously read or what they already know; read high quality texts; unpick grammatical features and their effects; practise using features from the text through drama, speaking and listening or in written form; write for an intended audience, purpose and format; and then review how effective their use of grammar was towards the text as a whole.