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EYFS at Newtown Primary School

At Newtown Primary School, our philosophy and pedagogy for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are rooted in a strong commitment to providing an inclusive and enriching learning experience for all children.  Our approach is deeply aligned with our school values of nurturing Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners, and Resilient Individuals whilst working alongside the 7 areas of learning and the Characteristics of learning.

Intent for Nursery Rhyme Progression

It is essential that children have opportunities from a young age to develop their communication and language skills. Singing nursery rhymes plays a very important role in increasing children’s vocabulary, self-confidence and also supports emotional well-being. There is a strong link between singing nursery rhymes and supporting early literacy development, especially phonics and reading, as it helps children understanding rhythm, rhyming words, pitch and pace. Singing nursery rhymes also links to other areas of learning, including maths; through counting songs and history; by learning the background behind the songs.



EYFS Literacy and Text Overview


Click on the link below to view our EYFS literacy and text overview.